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Welcome to Dynamic Design and Manufacture, a two-man business specialising in technology-based Computer Numerical Control (CNC) manufacturing solutions for the production of custom-made machine components. With over 40 years of engineering, design and toolmaking experience, Anthony and Robert are passionate about quality, accuracy, and precision work.


Customer satisfaction is our priority and we pride ourselves on a client-centred ethos. DDM works closely with you, through site visits and individual consultations, to ensure the production of high quality, cost-effective components that conform to your unique specifications. Our competencies include automatic machine design and construction, as well as product development and prototyping. All parts and equipment are designed and manufactured by us, in our workshop using the latest 3D Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing Software.

Automated Machine Design & Manufacture

We specialise in small automatic machinery designed to your specific requirements. Starting with a client brief we follow the process through from concept to construction and commissioning.

Precision CNC Component Machining

Using our sophisticated CAD and CAM software we are able to design and machine components to your specified requirements.

Product Design & Concept Development

We take your ideas right though from concept to prototyping and production. We use Solidworks to build and verify models and assemblies before manufacturing to your required tolerances.