Our project scope is unlimited, and we have provided consultation and support to clients from a variety of industries, including:
• Marine Yachting and SubSea/ROV
• Custom built machines and prototyping (flocking machines and pneumatic presses)
• Injection moulding (injection nozzles and adapter plates)
• Medical equipment (flowmeters)
• Packaging machinery (sealer bars)
• Petroleum industry (valves and fittings)
• Printing and labelling (format blocks, rollers and shafts)
• Rotomoulding (compound metering equipment)
• Rubber extrusion dies (co-extrusion dies and quick couplers)
• Automotive (Flywheels and customs)
• Factory Automation
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Format Blocks
We manufacture precision Format Blocks at competitive prices for the label printing industry. Please contact us for a quote.

FBs Z-64